Monday, September 29, 2008

Bank Job

Business is bad for lots of people now, unless you are in the business of making new signs for gobbled-up banks - like this one that *just* opened something like 2-3 weeks ago.

I guess the old stuff just goes in the landfill. Want to buy a vowel? I definitely wouldn't want the "W" even if it was free. (hmmmm... WaMu also begins with "W." Spooky.)

I would like to have a few letters to stick on the back of the house so that birds can make nests in them.


konagod said...

The last time we headed down Slaughter Lane (which was Saturday afternoon en route to Seventh Sister's house for dinner) txrad spotted a sign that I think said "future home of WaMu". Yeah right.

I got a credit card bill today from WaMu. Do I have to pay it?


It was only $200. I can handle that.

Blueberry said...

MrB found this on a FAQ:

Q: What about my WaMu mortgage?

A: All WaMu mortgages and other loans have been acquired by JPMorgan
Chase. The terms of your mortgage won't change, so continue to make
your monthly payment by the due date. I guess we still have to pay for the house. ;-)

Hopefully they won't worsen the deal.