Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to Johnny Depp

He is this blog's Adopted Actor, so it's about time for an update anyway. He's turning 46 on June 9. First, here's a trailer for the upcoming Public Enemies where he plays John Dillinger.

The Vanity Fair writer for the latest JD cover story visited Johnny on his island, where, it says, he likes to watch YouTube. At the link you will find some of his favorite videos, and I'm reposting one here. It's Foster Brooks roasting Johnny Carson. Pretty danged funny.

Depp is one of three actors filling in for Heath Ledger (along with Colin Farrell and Jude Law) in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (being released this year), and it looks like Terry Gilliam has gotten Johnny signed on for his revival of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, (witness the downfall of the first attempt in Lost in La Mancha). There's a 2010 version of Lost in La Mancha planned... is someone expecting a sequel to disaster and getting ready to pounce? Disaster or not, he's got a long list of upcoming projects, which I hope will include Sin City (now just rumored) because that one will bring him to Austin. (OK, a little selfish motivation besides the fact that a Sin City sequel would be terrific, and there would be a local Premiere.) What I would like even more than that would be a Robert Rodriguez feature starring Agent Sands (a continuation of Once Upon a Time in Mexico). Sands is one of my favorite Depp characters.

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