Saturday, August 15, 2009

The death panels we have now, and Beck busted

This is priceless!! The Daily Show dredges up clips of Glenn Beck bitching about the state of American health care. Amazing!!
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And this is Linda Peeno, MD, confessing denying payment on medical procedures that saved the insurance company a half million dollars, where she was rewarded with promotion and many other benefits - and the patients died, by the way, as a result of this. The clip is from SICKO.

Via Texas Kaos

Someone at last week's rally asked "what's wrong with insurance company profits?"
Yes, she admitted she was working on behalf of insurance companies and employers when my husband asked. He answered her question with that question initially.

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Utah Savage said...

As a Daily Show addict, I saw that when it ran. And Sicko too. But I'm glad you're posting it. It needs repeating and repeating. It really needs to sink in that the doctors who work for insurance companies are never making decisions with your best interest in mind, only the company bottom line and their own self interest.