Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Must. Not. Watch.

...but it's just too hard to look away. Tom Delay dances to Wild Thing.

Your brain might need a shampoo afterward.


konagod said...

Do you mind if I pass on watching this? :lol:

Blueberry said...

I had decided NOT to watch, but then I saw it posted over on HuffPo and was powerless to resist.

AAAAAACK! <-- Bill the Cat hacks up hairball

Hill said...

One can only hope he's practicing shaking that booty for upcoming jail time.


I do find it fascinating how low he's sunk, though.

Going from the feared "Hammer" to the laughingstock of DWTS.


Blueberry said...

It pays pretty good though. Anything for $$$...

Hill said...

So did he get voted off DWTS or what?!?

I can just picture him rallying his "base" to jam the phone lines and keep on, ah "dancing."