Friday, August 07, 2009

Lamest. Excuse. EVER.

funny pictures

Duncan the cat actually bought a couple of extra movie tickets once (to see Blue Velvet), but it was because we already had the purchase page loaded when he messed with the keyboard.



Anonymous said...

right..lame. won't hold up in court.

Blueberry said...

maria*maria, nice to see you!

Ptelea said...

My Aunt (with Alzheimer's) and I blame a LOT of things on the cats :)

Can I blame it on the cats (and their keyboard manners) when I make too bold a statement on the forum?

Blueberry said...

ptelea, I think I really started this blog because I felt intimidated on that forum and others. People are gathered because of a common love of one musician (even if they are in his band) and may have little else in common. This is my place. Feel free to speak out... same goes for your cats. ;-)