Thursday, December 20, 2007

Purrsday Night - Hot enough for ya?

Like a lot of senior citizens, Henry like to stay as warm as possible. This radiator is like a pacifier - he just curls up in the Hot Zone. (I wish I had that radiator in my office) (but Henry is worth it, of course). Even better is a real fire. Love is a hunka hunka burnin' firelog.

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Ptelea said...

Henry is just so sweet. I feel like being close to a heat source myself sometimes.

Blueberry said...

If you look up "sweet" in the dictionary, Henry's picture will be there right next to the sack of sugar. He is cuddly Xtreme.

Th' Rev said...

I saw this and just had to post our Theo cruising out in his corner with his oil filled heater.
His old bones just love it.
The Monty Python skit brought back fond memories as well,one of my favorites.
Here's to hippy holidays!