Thursday, October 29, 2009

New decorations and venue plugging

I've done some housekeeping here at the blog. No, I didn't (knowingly) throw anything away, but I did make a little storage area further down the sidebar - a blogroll of places and people I like, but are not updated so often these days, so if it looks like you are missing you might be relocated. Also got a new banner up.Just like the previous one, it's a shot taken at Roadhouse Rags. You won't find a more "South Austin" place than that. Friendly, great music, BYOB, BYO dog (but there's already a pretty cool dog there), and they sell vintage clothes. Here you go, there's your backstage pass.

And, I have to add, that I've never in my life seen a prettier port-o-potty. This is the women's (obviously). I didn't photograph the men's.

Here's a previous post with some pretty cool photos of the place.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You ain't woman enough to be my man.

[source article] A Kenyan priest has made some inflammatory, and frankly, hilarious comments from the pulpit regarding the recent marriage of two Kenyan men in London.

His explanation is that men want to marry other men because women have failed to provide what they should in marriage. Women have become too complicated and unattractive. He goes on to say that women need to become more "Godly" and "womanly."

Makes perfect sense. If your woman isn't womanly enough for you, try a man. Priests say the darndest things.

Found via Mark Morford

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ceiling Cat thinks ur hawt.

Here's some scripture for your Monday. The entire Bible is being translated into the language of the LOLcat. Srsly. Iz almost dun. This is Song of Solomon 4, from a bible book that's hardly removed from the romance genre anyway.

1 U iz so cute!
U iz so hawt!
Ur eyez iz liek birdz,
an ur hair iz liek goatz
comin down teh mountin. Datz hawt.
2 Ur teefz iz liek sheep
dat just hadded a baff.
Liek twin sheep,
bcz non of ur teefz iz missin.
3 Ur lipz iz red;
ur mouth iz hawt.
Ur butt
iz liek a peech.
4 Ur neck iz liek a towr,,
a pretti wun;
wif 1,000 sheeldz hangin on it,
from spartanz.
5 Ur tittehs iz liek babi deer,
twinz evn,
dat eatz flowrz.
6 Until teh sun comz up
an it gets liet,
I wil go to teh mountin of catnip
an teh hill of insense (datz u).
7 U iz perfekt;
dere iz nothin rong wif u.
8 Com wif me from Lebanon,
liek i sez, com wif me from Lebanon.
Com down offa teh mounten,
enni mountin u happenz to be on,
out of teh lionz housiz
an teh leprdz housiz too.
9 I luvz u;
u stoleded mai hart
wif ur briet eyez,
an ur sparkli collar.
10 Luvin u iz so graet,
bettr dan getting waszted,
an u smel niec too.
11 Ur lipz haz a flavor
an ur tung too.
U smell realli good.
12 U iz liek a pussysekrit gardin,
or maybi a fountain dat bin hid.
13 U iz liek treez
wif lotz of differnt frootz,
all kiendz,
15 U iz liek a drinkin bowl,
teh kiend wif teh built-in watr fountin.
16 Get outa bed, norf wind!,
An teh souf wind too!
Blow on mai pussygardin,
so evriwun can smell how niec it iz.
Let teh cat i liekz com into mai pussygardin
an eat all teh frootz, dey is tasti.

Original here (and by original I mean King James Version because that's the only kind that will not be starring in the Great Halloween Satan's bible Book Burning). Dey woud burn teh LOLcat version if dey cud only get it out uh the internetz. LOL!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The weekend

Saturday was really a pretty great day. The weather was perfect, and we had a whole day and night of activities. Started at Waterloo Park for Oktoberfest, where Dustin Welch (above) started it off around 1:30pm (the crack of dawn for musicians). Admission was $2 or 2 cans of food for charity. Saw some friends, had a couple of microbrews, and headed out to So. Congress.

I had brought my old Victorian-style dress to see if any shops would be willing to take it off my hands. It's a gorgeous thing in burgundy ruffles and ecru lace, came with a matching choker and hooped petticoat. Stopped into Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds costume shop, which was a absolute ZOO with people frantically Halloween shopping. They weren't willing to look at anything new until November, so I just donated it to them. I was happy enough to find a good home for it (the thought of selling it on eBay or craigslist just carried too many hassles with it).

After some iced coffees at Jo's, it was off to Goodwill for our own Halloween shopping, and really not sure how we did in the costume department, but did find the corner table above. They had just put it out 15 minutes previous, and lots of people were checking it out. We really liked it, so one of us stood claim while the other paid for it - $19.99! Turns out it's a 1950s-era chrome and formica corner table made by "Royal Metal Manufacturing Co". Have been looking for one like it online and can't find anything just like it, but some similar items (contemporary or by the same mfg) are bringing very nice prices (in the hundreds) - what a deal! Also couldn't resist this little guy. Normally I don't do figurines, but love this Invisible Man or shady noir character - $1.99.

Finished up the day by going to see Zombieland at the Alamo Drafthouse. It is really funny and very very graphic (not for kids). Woody Harrelson is an absolute hoot! (I hear he's in town right now for the Austin Film Festival) Bill Murray is also in it. Anyway, two thumbs up for Zombieland.

Saturday was the redeemer for Sunday. Today we had to work in the house all day, cleaning. There were mops... and high-dusters. Furniture was moved. Another weekend gone and the alarm will start going off again tomorrow morning at 4:30. Ugh.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Is that any way to feed kids?

This week we received no less than two identical 9x12 envelopes with plastic windows, each one filled with a stack of holiday wrapping paper, sticky gift tags, and pleas for donations to "Save the Children." I know that charities use the guilt approach to get people to donate to them - guilt because someone has sent you a gift and you should be ashamed not to at least send a little something back.

It has the opposite effect on me. All I can think of is "why are you spending the money that people give you for the children on stupid free gifts that I really don't want instead of actually buying food and shelter with it?" It's a big turnoff when a charity does that, especially if there is great need. To me it just makes the sender seem wasteful, not the right message.

And we have so many address labels that it's more than a lifetime supply. Really! We mail maybe one thing a month, birthday card or something.

But honestly... you charities... quit sending this unwanted crap, the wrapping paper, cards, address labels, calendars, or at least check your address database to make sure the same household doesn't receive multiples. This time of year it arrives in stacks.

Celebrate cooters this weekend

Inverness Florida. The Cooter Festival is such a big deal that it's been featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (video) Plus, the festival will feature the world's largest Lynyrd Skynyrd (the most irrepressible band on earth) memorabilia collection, and... in person... the son, sister, and nephew (that's 3 different people) of Skynyrd bassist Leon Wilkeson, along with a childhood friend of the band who also used work for them and for the Rolling Stones. Some of these people will play a live show. There will also be a "Miss Cooter" pageant (Too bad John McCain can't be there to enter his wife in it.)

Please note: the newspaper article advises that you should bring your own picnic table and be ready to dance. (!?) If you don't already have one, you'll be able to see and even touch some cooters at the festival.

News preview

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beware of Young Earth Darwin book

If you are wanting to purchase a copy of Darwin's "The Origin of the Species, 150th Anniversary Edition" this is something that you should be aware of. There are a couple of versions out there, and one is bogus. If you search for the book on amazon, the first one to turn up is an abridged version (a couple hundred pages shorter) that includes a 50 page introduction written by a young-earth creationist!

This video explains the problems that this has caused. People who like the book are giving the creationist version very low ratings, and because reviews and ratings of both versions have been jumbled together in some cases, the untainted 150th Anniversary Edition is being dragged down with the other one. Video NSFW (language, written and spoken):

Comments on YouTube suggest that some of the issues have been fixed by after lots of complaints, but that doesn't change two things:
- There is a creationist-muddied version of the book out there that will be purchased by mistake.
- The reviews/ratings/search results on are often sorted, cherry-picked, or call it what you want. The creationist book is at the top of the related searches even though it's out of stock and now carries only a one star rating.


Purrsday Black Cats

Above is one of our new neighbor kitties. It’s got a very cute little squeaky voice, and is usually waiting near the garage at 5PM for belly-rubbins and head-scritches (cats always know what time it is). Kitty (with unknown name) is a little shy but super-affectionate and has a great coat. Yesterday, it was there, and some kids started chasing it around, so no rubbins. I sure hope they keep this kitty indoors for Halloween.

Check out this irresistible bottle of wine on the right. World Market has these, and they are right there at the checkout (smart marketing on their part). It’s about $10, and the wine is a German Reisling called Zeller Schwarze Katz – yes, ‘black cat.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bells on Bob's Sled Ring

They make the sound "cha-ching"

Really, Bob?

OK, first of all, he is donating the cha-ching he makes off this record to charity. That’s a good thing, and it makes me feel a little guilty saying this, but Bob Dylan’s Christmas album is bound to make you laugh out loud – numerous times. What I can’t determine is whether it’s intentionally funny or what. Hear for yourself… the 30sec clips are posted on (and, but I’m not promoting buying through at all! I am boycotting them until they stop selling promotional and instructional materials for dog fighting and cockfighting. Those greedy bastards need to grow a heart and learn to live with being a teensy bit less rich. Here’s the charity page link.

Back on topic now…

So what do you think? Is Bob having some fun with us? Attempting to record something in every genre? Do you like it? Greatest thing ever?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tour de Fat

Saturday was one of our favorite annual events. It’s the touring circus-y celebration with the themes of cycling and beer put on by New Belgium Brewing Co., called Tour de Fat (think Fat Tire Beer). They bring bands, acrobats, beer and more (it's all free except the beer), but it’s very participant-oriented. Costumes are strongly encouraged, with costumed people and bikes being the fun part of the parade. Below was one of the coolest local parade bikes (and the original meanings of "bicycle" and "bike" will be suspended here, because all these contraptions have varying numbers of wheels, but all vehicles are non-motorized).

The weather was perfect! Sunny and about 75-80°.

Bat!!Muscles look good in fishnet!

MrB dressed as Santa... sort of, anyway. Loved his costume but he took it off after the parade (too warm). I was dressed as Batman's crazy Texas aunt who got left out of the will.
One of the contraptions New Belgium brought. Spin yourself around and try not to fall off. They also bring a collection of weirdly-designed and challenging bikes that you can attempt to ride. They are fun, even though some (most) require more skill than I have. The kids don't have much trouble though. I enjoyed the ones made from office chairs. comfy.
Acrobats taking advantage of some audience volunteers.
This is like a 3-way telephone, but it was (maybe unintentionally) equipped with 3-way "smell-o-vision."
Squirm-Burpee Circus bike in front with Austin-based "buggy" bike in back.
New-Orleans-style car funeral precedes the giveaway of a bike to someone who wants to trade their car for it. I think most of the cars traded are probably clunkers, but a nice thing for the environment if everybody could do that, yes?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Furbaby Friday - Prince Henry

Laundry folding will be ignored until back is scratched and belly rubbed.

Lap pettins will be permitted even though this lap has a big gap in the middle.

Tags and links: Friday Ark - Carnival of the Cats - This week's carnival is at Artsy Catsy on Sunday - -


30 Republicans voted against a bill with an amendment that prevents taxpayer dollars from going to contractors (such as KBR/Halliburton, etc.) who don't permit employees to bring charges against them after being raped by co-workers [more info and details on ThinkProgress].

In 2005 a KBR employee was gang-raped by co-workers, then locked in a shipping container by the company for 24 hours without food or a bed, to prevent the incident from being reported, then was not allowed to press criminal charges due to something in her contract. Apparently this is not an isolated incident. As pointed out by Jon Stewart, this kind of thing just isn't a big deal to these 30 Republicans, it's not like the tax money is going to ACORN or something!

[EDIT Oct 16: here is the list of the Yeas and Nays if you want to look up yours. For Texas, Cornyn is one of the infamous 30 Nays and Hutchinsen is a Yea.]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oklahoma Suks Beer

Could not resist this beer at HEB, even though I am not exactly a football nut (but of course I will root for the Longhorns over Oklahoma for crap's sake!). I do not have any affection for Oklahoma. My mother and her mother were born there, and I've seen quite enough of it being driven back and forth the entire length of it on the Turnpikes sooooo many times growing up. There used to be a Stuckey's (or was it HoJo's?) right in the middle of the OK trip (which is now a McDonald's), and that was the complete highlight of Oklahoma for me because of all the trashy souvenirs (the love of that tacky stuff is in my blood, I'm very sure of it), and because it stretched over the road offering a kid an interesting view (besides just the miles of incredibly flat red dirt).

You really couldn't pay me to live in Oklahoma. I mean it.

Turns out, the beer is a pretty decent local microbrew (Independence Amber), and if there's any left at the store we might have to pick up another case.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Makes up for missing Leno's headlines so many times

Nothing to worry about. You get used to it after awhile.

It was nice of them to issue a correction!

with open...?

Great clippings blog Criggo, found via Dave Barry. Go and read the rest. You need a laugh.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jukebox playlist moved to new page

A little bonus for you folks with old computers or slow connections who may have been having trouble loading this blog - I've moved my music jukebox from and over to the Texas Oasis Jukebox blog. You're welcome. ;-)

So just click on over there, and be advised that it does autoplay, so adjust your volume accordingly.

Friday, October 09, 2009

RIP Rusty Wier

He was part of the "cosmic cowboy" ("redneck hippie" or whatever you want to call it) movement in the 1970's, spurred by Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker and many more. He's been playing the clubs, including a regular gig at the Saxon Club for the last 15 years. I mostly think of him when I hear this song of his, but Bonnie Raitt added some cash value to it with her cover. Don't it make you wanna dance?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Endangered species in a can

Saw this story about an animal wrangler who was gored to death by a rare deer that was being loaded into one of those exotic game hunting ranches - a place where animals are gathered from all over the world, and confined on the premises to be killed for "sport." It's a canned trophy hunt of the most barbaric kind.

This particular ranch is a favorite of some celebrities, including Ted Nugent, who will be attending a Huntbash there this winter that will cost the participants $3,500 per person (can Sarah Palin be far behind? Or Dick Cheney?). I am really turned off by people who enjoy killing, but this is not even hunting... they bring the animals into an area and the customer kills them, cuts off the head (and/or skin) to mount on the wall, proving to all that humans are superior to lower beasts. Cowardly and sickening. It's not about food.

What I am really shocked about is the the deer, called a barasingha, is on the list of endangered species! How is it that people are allowed to hunt an endangered species?

The animal itself also died from the exertion of the attack - but it already had a death sentence on it anyway.

Fall colors

A little different down here than the usual glorious turning of the leaves that occurs further north, but still glorious. We had that record-breaking summer, hottest ever with extreme drought to go with it - and the distress caused the Crape Myrtles delay blooming until the rains came recently (still in drought, but the plants are happier). So gorgeous, choked with pink flowers.
What I love best about them is that they spread pink flowers all over everything.

This is Texas Lantana.

Brilliant red Turk's Cap is thick all over the place.

I really love this color, this is Orange Cosmos. Gorgeous.

This beauty sprouted up as a lone flower right in the middle of the path. We think it's called Meadow Pink, but not sure.*[see comments - Pink Rain Lily] A couple of those little black specks are ants doing their business. It's all alone, so it must have been planted by a bird.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I can only verify your parking skills

A city truck can park halfway up on the curb if it wants to. Wanna make a big deal out of it??

I guess they couldn't fit that on the bumper sticker.

Monday, October 05, 2009

ACL - Days Two and Three

The Mudder of all FestivalsSaturday, it rained. It was raining in the afternoon when we left for the festival, and pretty much rained all day. We had been planning to see The Decemberists and Levon Helm (one followed the other on different stages), but realized on getting there that a choice would have to made - and we went with the Decemberists. Couldn't quite get that front rail, but watched their Hazards of Love rock opera played in its entirety from a couple of people-rows back. Awesome! We had missed seeing them a few times this year due to scheduling, lack of funds, or both. No pics at all from Saturday - rain, rain, rain, followed by mud and lots of it. See you Sunday, ACL.

Sunday... the main story:(Click for muddy people photo gallery) I wore my old old hiking boots for the mud, and here, above, you see one of them on the last day I owned them. The mud was sticky slick, and it sucked the soles off of both boots! With a slurp! (the soles had started to come off before, and had been glued back - not good enough). It was not only mud, but smelly mud. It definitely smelled like the mud in the animal pens on a farm (think pigpen), and the stink of it meant that I tried very hard not to fall down in it - not easy. Come to find out, there was a reason for the smell, the grass had been fertilized with "Dillo Dirt," which is a compost made from grass clippings and treated sewage sludge (yes, human). Click here for more info on that, and be sure to read the comments. This mudder is fodder for discussion. (:::oh man, that pun stunk worse than the mud:::) Seriously, though... I think it's time for the festival to move from Zilker. No, I don't have any answers.

First band on the big AMD stage was Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears (thanks to MrB for his interest in these guys). Outstanding show from a hot local soul band!

 Anyway, we slogged our way back to the artist backstage to chill. Did see a few people I recognized back there, Brett Dennon headed into the john, and here in this sneaky candid is Britt Daniel (from Spoon). MrB did go up to young celloist-singer-songwriter Ben Sollee (Sparrow Quartet) to tell him how much we like the CD we bought from him earlier this year, but that was it for schmoozing except for some hiyas to some biz people I've worked with locally. The area back there was covered in hay, which was a great idea!! (Also, wood mulch prevented mud but is a little tough on tender barefoot feeties.) I drank exactly one too many beers, and we headed back out. Went to the BMI stage, saw some friends, and saw Jypsi, a bunch of Nashville cuties. That was it for us for the weekend. We were tired, I had a noseful of that mud smell, and we needed to get to our car while the busses were running and Central Market was still open for some odds and ends shopping. Our cat overlords were not happy at being left alone so much over the weekend, but have since forgiven us.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

ACL - Preshow event and Day One

[Photos - all days]
Friday was a lot of fun - probably the best entire ACL day we've had for years. First of all, the temperature was cool - only got up to around 85° - what a world of difference from being 15-20° hotter. Wow.

Got up really early and was at Threadgill's for the HAAM benefit by 7:00AM, where we saw Low Anthem, The Greencards, Sara Watkins with David Garza, Todd Snider and more. Admission was $5 for the charity and included a coffee and breakfast taco.
Very, very nice!

Miles and Miles of Zilker
Rode the city bus to ACL (not the free shuttle) which worked out great. I had forgotten about the "no food" prohibition and fixed a peanut butter sandwich. The security guy looked in our pack, pointed at it and declared "SANDWICH," so we exited the line and snuck off nearby to try and hide it deep in the pack. Went through the line again, where security asked MrB to pull some stuff out of his pack. First thing he pulled out (accidentally) was the damned sandwich, so it got tossed in the trash can, still in its ziploc bag... grrrrr... I hate to throw away food when it could at least feed a grackle, or even a homeless person.

Well, as it turned out, we didn't need sandwiches or even the water we brought, because we were soon to find out that our Guest Passes included access to backstage and hospitality! Believe me, this is the way to go if at all possible! Here's a stageview shot of Sara Watkins, her brother Sean Watkins (both ex-Nickel Creek) and John Paul Jones (ex-Led Zeppelin). JPJ is on mandolin.

A couple of the stages (and the main backstage area) offered beer, other beverages, snacks, swag, shade, tables and chairs, TV (for football or Guitar Hero). Several offered stageside viewing, which is a very cool way to watch a band. After Sara, we went over to one of the main stages to watch The Avett Brothers (pronounced with a long A). I didn't know much about them, but they are catching fire right now. They put on an excellent show and we really enjoyed it. Not sure how I would characterize their music, pretty spread out over genres.

After Avett Bros we milled around, went backstage for a tasty beverage. Chatted a few minutes with fiddler-singer-songwriters Sara Watkins and Eamon McLoughlin (Greencards)... his band is my client and the ones who got us in, along with their management (who also happen to be the people who put on the festival). The Greencards put on a great show right around sundown, which we watched from the front of the stage. [I will have a slideshow up from the whole festival. Watch this post, or the one following.] After The Greencards, we dashed backstage for some quick goodbyes (we will not see them again until sometime next year), and went over to finish up the day with Reckless Kelly, a damn good roots rock band from Austin, Texas.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

ACL festival

This weekend (beginning Friday) is the ACL festival, and we've been lucky enough to get a couple of 3-day passes again this year. Friday is a very long day of music (12 hours plus the getting there and back - our cat overlords Henry and Jax will not be happy with that much alone-time). The getting there and back is really the most challenging part. City busses will help the situation (except for Sunday night).

This year it looks like it might be nice weather for a change, yes... it will probably include rain but highs only in the 80°s. It's practically earth-shattering. Should we bring a light wrap for nighttime? This festival is known for being brutally hot, high 90s to mid-100°F, with the worst case being the 108° that took the prize in 2005.

{deep sigh of relief after going through the hottest summer on record down here}

Anyway, blogging may be light for a few days. Have a good weekend.