Thursday, July 10, 2008

Purrsday Night Duties

 A thorough combing has been scheduled.

Comb faster!! How do I look?

Nice foot.

Grooming will be followed by belly massage. Don't do the nipples. I do those myself when you're not looking (because if you are looking, you make me stop it)

Massage will continue for 5 more minutes, then you may be excused for your other cat-related duties.

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Friðvin said...

That kind of action around here would definitely result in some bloodshed.

Blueberry said...

meaning your blood (not his)?

Jax is belly-rub lovin' guy but he hates being kissed. He is starting to bite when he gets kissed, with very big teeth and very strong jaws. We have made a pact. I will try to avoid kissing him if he won't bite me.