Monday, July 06, 2009

2 big hot malls and a grocery store

4th of July extended weekend roundup.

The Band of Heathens, “Here’s to You”
“Don't let the door hit you on your way out.” That sentiment from the song kind of sums up my feelings for Sarah Palin. Enjoying watching her wither under her own heat. This weekend also brought the return of the so-called tea parties, although their numbers have dwindled greatly. There were 2 of them in Austin; one starring the infamous (not really named) Joe the (never was a licensed) Plumber, and another tax-protest party the following day which starred Rick Perry and John Cornyn. Cornyn was booed at the rally, both before and after he spoke. If that doesn’t give you a chuckle, then his claim that he is not part of Washington should do the job. Even Perry was booed when he mentioned that he’s adding some toll roads (why he would mention that during a tea party is beyond me). So… I guess Joe the Plumber and Ron Paul are the only real heroes for that bunch. We stayed far, far away from all that ugliness. The heat itself is ugly enough (it’s been in the 104° range every day with hardly any relief), but we did get out a bit for music over the weekend, all freebies. Friday evening Del Castillo played at a sprawling mega-shopping complex. They played an absolutely great show, but I think I was worn out between the blistering heat and Henry the cat having some health issues (more on that later), so we watched most of it from an uncrowded distance. This complex includes over 125 stores, including Super-Target AND Wal-Mart, and sprawls out in such twisty turns of parking lots that the earlier time we went there, we nearly gave up in exasperation while looking for Specs (which is a BIG liquor store)!! They were having a free beer tasting event, and it would take something of that magnitude (or a free show by Del Castillo) to get me to ever visit it. Saturday evening, the 4th of July, we went to another mega-sprawl to see one of our favorite bands, The Band of Heathens. The video at top is from Saturday, and happened at the massive Hill Country Galleria out in Bee Cave TX (across from The Backyard). This is a 2-year-old high-end complex that is now threatening bankruptcy in the economic crisis. They actually have a fairly nice place for music (except that the stage is unsheltered from sun or rain), and when we were there 2 years ago for the Grand Opening to see the South Austin Jug Band, they had a little beverage stand for the concert-goers. Not so this time. People brought coolers, but there was nothing in the event ads about coolers so we came without. Not the best situation considering it was still over 100° at 8pm. There's a restaurant behind the little amphitheater but they didn’t allow you to leave with booze and I’m not willing to give up my good concert seats for mere beverages. I hiked around the place a bit, hoping to find a convenience store, but with no luck. It’s a holiday and you’re supposed to be having a party, damn you Galleria. Anyway, we survived with flying colors, The Band of Heathens (who are all set for a taping of the TV show Austin City Limits this week!!) played a great set. They had fireworks afterward, but by the looks of them, our neighbors back at the homestead had bigger ones in their backyard (now that’s pathetic), so we headed home to attempt to soothe down the panicky cats. Jax hates fireworks, and having spent his first 7 years as an alley cat, I imagine he has very good reasons to hate them. On Sunday we went over to Central Market at noon for MilkDrive and welcome them home from their first tour as this band. Their official CD release party is on Tuesday at Fiddler's Green music shop (7pm). I will be there (right after Sarah Jarosz has her official CD release party at Waterloo Records). So, big day of music on Tuesday, hopefully no vet visits for awhile... and if it rains it might even cool down to under 95-99°.

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