Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They also have good mulch.

I love going to the Natural Gardener for any reason, it's like the gardening candy store - wonderful colors in plants and paint and gotta-have sculptures and structures. The little cottage above is not open to the public, it's a work area and is also equipped with screened outdoor cat runs attached to the building. What an inviting-looking place! I want to go in, but I'm sure the outside is probably more appealing than the inside. I'll never know unless I get a job there someday. Click anything to view larger.

I love beautiful entrances and exits. The one below is the rear entrance/exit to the butterfly garden.
This is the entry to the area where they have a Tipi (which I have always spelled "teepee") and a labyrinth (Debra, take note!). I was going to visit it, but they were doing maintenance on it. It's mapped out in plants, and the whole thing was covered in plastic (some kind of setup to help them grow). The bottom pic is a closeup of the entry arch. You can see some of our "Fall foliage" here. Mostly green with a few autumn leaves here and there as a garnish.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I bet it's a lovely labyrinth! I hope it's open the next time you go!