Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tiny arrows made of metal pierce the heart

It's been a week of adjustment, mostly to the loss of Henry. I've been 'under the weather' as the saying goes, hoping to be on the mend soon. We love The Jayhawks, and went to see them in a theater setting on Friday, very different from other times. They seem to be in a constant state of breaking up and reuniting in different configurations, so it's a treat to catch them on tour. They very much remind me of Buffalo Springfield. It's a sweet sound, but a lot of their music has an edge too. This is one of their new tunes, called "Tiny Arrows."


Connie, Orlando said...

Ahhh, Buffalo Springfield. I should have known you would be a fan too.

Hope you're mending - it must be so tough without a kitty in the house. ((((HUGS))))

yellowdoggranny said...

sweet music.