Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Is this thing on...?

Waving helloooo after a long absence from the Oasis here. I miss it. Facebook drives me crazy sometimes, but also wears me out because it's constantly updating. Anyway, I am up to a lot of my usual activities, going to hear live music once or twice a week, almost too much to list except to make note of attending the Dawes Austin City Limits taping a day after my 60th birthday (OUCH).

I've also been keeping myself busy with the great historical photo and letter sorting project. Great progress, and have been keeping the scanner going. I have cleaned up my old Flickr account and am going to try and post as much as possible there. The first set is of a racetrack in Arizona where my dad worked as a side job in the pit crew for one of the drivers. I love seeing the way people people used to dress! Manzanita Speedway

All Hail the Autumn seasonal change!

Will be checking in and browsing around when I get the chance.


yellowdoggranny said...

the politics are about to drive me nuts on facebook..all them damn Christian republicans are making me crazy

Blueberry said...

Me too, JackieSue. It's hard to stand politics these days, except GO WENDY!! Whooo Hooo.

Connie, Orlando said...

Welcome back. Missed you. I have almost totally sworn off politics. It's just too depressing, bordering on apocalyptic.

How's the new baby doing? Has she settled in and gotten the 2 of you fully trained to serve her every need?

Blueberry said...

Yes Connie, she is little Miss Perfect Princess. We are in love. :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, belated congrats on The Big Six Oh!

Professor Chaos said...

Yea! you're back. I was beginning to think you'd given up on us!