Friday, April 08, 2022

Hello again

I'm still alive! 8 years without a post could make one wonder. I just wanted everyone to know that I am still kicking! Let's see... 

MrB had a massive stroke back in 2016, and survived, now with aphasia and some other issues, so that pretty much turned the world upside-down. I am now a caregiver, which will be my role from here on out.

I retired in 2020 (while I was working from home during the pandemic) but am glad now (in 2022) that I am not dealing with a hellish commute (again) and largely unmasked office situation. At my final place of employment I worked in a small, windowless office for 18 years. I enjoyed my work (graphic design, illustration, and website maintenance), but it's nice to not be spending 45 hours glued to a keyboard/screen plus about 8 hours in an ugly traffic jam every week. Working from home (for part of 2020) eliminated the commute, but the job was much harder to do hunkered over a laptop with a small screen and poor colors, no way to print, and frequent disconnects. In retrospect, I had a decent, middle-class career considering my humble beginnings. I worked for 47 years with about 37 of them in my field.

This little city of Austin has been rapidly growing into a big city, and I find that my favorite places have been disappearing left and right. I can barely recognize this place. I need to fall in love with it again. Moving away would be very difficult, so we will probably stay. Trying to give it time. I still like sitting on my back porch, so hopefully that will remain as a peaceful sanctuary and escape from all the wrong kinds of weird that are taking over everywhere and everything.

Well, don't forget to vote, and do it in person (if possible) if you are in Texas. Otherwise it might not be counted.

Still have this sweet tuxedo, so I have to add a photo of her showing off to the cat sitter.

That may be it for awhile. Stay well, each and every one of you. 

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