Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RIP Charlie Louvin

I've loved these guys all my life, they were my favorite band as a kid. My parents both loved music of the country variety and I soaked it in, both at home on my record player and on the honkytonk jukeboxes. The Louvins blazed a trail of “close harmony” that later inspired the Everly Brothers and many more, including my personal Goddess of the 1970s, Emmylou Harris.

This is the cover of their most famous album, it was designed by Ira Louvin (who died in a horrible car wreck in 1965), and leaves no doubt that those devils in your head can definitely take form. This album cover regularly shows up in “bad LP cover” listings, so, for better or worse, it became memorable.

I ran across a great little interview with Charlie Louvin here on Raised Country. Very colorful!

Louvin Brothers Wikipedia

NYT – RIP Charlie Louvin


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Satan on the LP cover kinda reminds me of Satan on South Park. I think it's all that red.

Lemmy Caution said...

That has always been my FAVORITE alubum cover ever. I just love the look of it. The album itself it actually quite good as well.

Loved the Louvins. If there is a more frightening song then their rendition of "knoxville girl", I haven't heard it.


I think my daddy had that record..he had every country and western(what it was called back then) album known to man..
I know that song is why familiar.