Saturday, August 27, 2011

Live from New York, it's Saturday night during a hurricane!

WTF, Weather Channel?!?! (You too, every other televised or video-streamed media source!) You have cameras situated in a place where we can see the roof shingles and piers being blown far and wide, massive flooding, surging water, trees being blown down... that's a great thing that these events can be shown to us folks out here watching it on TV. It's important to do that, I think.

By WHY do you keep sticking a person out there in the middle of it? Are you betting that the viewers are going to enjoy seeing some poor schmuck getting the hell beat out of him because he's enduring the full force of a hurricane? Are you going to keep doing that until one of them is killed? Or are you secretly hoping for that because you'd get a ratings bump?

Maybe you could send a drone camera out there, or if that's not exciting enough you could get one of those human-shaped robots and send it out there dressed in a raincoat? Then it could be the robot yelling into its built-in mic, "STAY INSIDE! I'M IN THE STREET BUT STAY OUT OF THE STREET! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!"

Jon Stewart did a sketch on something similar during the recent post-storm flooding. Brilliant as usual.
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Really folks, please DO stay safe, evacuate, or whatever has been advised for your area. Don't be like that guy on TV with the park bench hurtling straight at his head.

[UPDATE: Virginia streaker flashes dick on Weather Channel]


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Rating whores will do anything.

Blueberry said...

You know what bugs me too? The catchy music and graphics that make it like you're watching an action TV show, except in this case, there is real death and destruction. Nix the guitars and drums.

Connie, Orlando said...

BAC (before Anderson Cooper) the live shots were either done from the car/van/truck with the rain soaked windshield or from home videos of those who didn't evacuate. But Katrina, pre- & post, made Cooper a superstar.

I'm waiting for the time when those crazy ass mountain climbers get sponsored by a network & wear video cameras on their head gear or heads. Couch potatoes vicariously experiencing the thrill of near death experiences.

We humans remain a blood-thirsty lot.

Kim Hambric said...

I watched a group of clips about weather people being blown over during hurricanes. Frightening, yes. Funny, well, yes. These people weren't forced to do this. They were laughing. They are thrill seekers. And they are getting paid to do what they would probably do anyway.

As for us "normal" folks, we should evacuate or stay the hell inside. And, if we want, we can turn on the TV if we still have electricity and watch those fools blow over.