Friday, May 06, 2005

Got here as soon as I could...

Texas Oasis is just my little “life in Austin” journal. I moved here at the beginning of 2001 (actually Christmas of 2000, but we were stuck in Georgetown* in a small apartment with 3 grumpy cats until we found a house in South Austin) and it really felt like home almost immediately. It is sooo wonderful to live in a liberal environment instead of feeling stifled and afraid like I had been for many, many years in the Midwest. I am not a Midwesterner, not in heart, soul or mind, it doesn’t matter how many years went by.

Bill Moore uses the phrase dad-gum, left-leaning, "blueberry in the ketchup" in this article on plug-in hybrid cars.

*Georgetown is a conservative town about 25-30 miles north. They are proud of their Williamson County logo because it is basically a big W, and of course there's equal pride about having "George" as part of it. They are also against allowing any roads in their county to be named after Willie Nelson... that pro-weed lawbreaker. It's closer to Crawford up there. Lots of things are big in Texas, but not "blueberries".

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