Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Nickel Creek, Texas. Population, 2

Here is the luscious goodness, a ticket for 2 to the only Nickel Creek appearance I think they've scheduled in Texas since 2003! And it's limited access (radio ticket winners only).

They were supposed to play Shady Grove on September 13, 2001... but you-know-what happened right before that and there was no transportation available and people weren't in the mood for concerts anyway. They got really, really popular in the months to follow, and by the time the first ACL Festival happened they rated an evening show on one of the big stages.

People usually start describing them by mentioning how young they are. Two of them are now 24, or will be this year, and the other is 3 years older, but they made their first record when the youngest players were 9! It's a kid's record of old cowboy songs, but they play and sing pretty well on it! Chris Thile, the mandolin player, put out solo records at age 13 and 16... and I swear that his playing on those is as good as anyone else I've ever heard... anywhere! Also he wrote all the songs except for a few old standards, and they are great! They call him the "Mozart of the Mandolin", and I don't know if such a thing is possible, but it's a pretty good moniker. They are all prodigies, extremely talented and making the most of it from practically Day One.

They have insisted on sticking to their creative guns and haven't let labels (record or genre) or stuffy traditionists tell them how to sound. It also helps to have the clout of record sales to back up their efforts, and it's nice when your last genre-busting release wins a Grammy.

This show is part of a tour of small venues where the tickets must be acquired through certain radio stations, and the setlist will be the list of songs on their next release. Cool, huh? Yessss.

Now, if they played regular concerts here more often, I might not be in this raging Creek-freaked deprived state (which also describes Texas). After all, they are named after this place.

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