Thursday, August 16, 2007

Catblogging - Couching Cats

transitive verb
1: to lay (oneself) down for rest or sleep

Jax is doing a good job of hiding -- in plain sight!
Just a big, fluffy couch-matching lump.
Want something that matches the sofa?
Here he is!

Just showing the slightest bit of ears, but still blending in.

Aha! Unmistakable catty outlines are a sure giveaway!

OK, now he REALLY no longer blends in! And speaking of cats hiding on or in couches, here's a good story about a lucky cat who saved itself from a burning house by wedging into the couch cushions! (Firefighters thought feline had perished, then found it after dousing flames)

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Ptelea said...

I know what you mean about black cats - they blend into every shadow, too! One time when my sister was visiting, she accidentally (and unknowingly)shut my cat up in the hide-a-bed sofa. I couldn't find him for hours and was looking in every possible hiding spot when I heard his muffled meow. He was absolutely fine. I still get nervous when I think of all of the bad things that could have happened (squished cat, mangled cat, smothered cat....)

Kay said...

I USED to have a black (fake)leather couch, until years of cat claws made it unsittable. *Rolls eyes*

Blueberry said...

This is a vinyl (fake leather) slipcover we got from! Makes it all sittable again!

Blueberry said...

PT: poor kitty! They sure get wedged in to some places.

Mando Mama said...

OMG! I really couldn't see that little guy! That's a pretty cool story about the Power of Sofa Cushions. I have a feeling it wouldn't work for me, though.

The Truffle said...

I love black cats. Heck, I love ALL cats.