Friday, August 08, 2008

Furbaby Friday - these are not my cats

The birdbaths is the front yard have become a favorite hangout for these two, but not at the same time. They've been spotted there in the early morning and sometimes night, but during the day in the record-breaking hot summer we are having, they are probably down in the storm sewer or sometimes laying under a car or truck. They are free-roaming alley cats, not only looking for a cool drink of fresh water in one of two birdbaths, but for the birds themselves, plus toads, lizards, or any other free snacks they can find. I have blogged the black cat before, and wondered if he might be related to the former alley cat that we took in, Jax.

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1 comment:

enigma4ever said...

lol..good to see the bird bath so well guarded....that have that kind of Sylvestor the cat "innocence" ?