Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to freak right out - again!

GE... we bring good things to... BLAM!!!

Here's another tale of corporate negligence, followed by danger to consumers, followed by a bullshit explanation that attempts to put the blame on the consumer and is obviously a CYA lie.

GE microwaves are exploding, sending glass shards and who-knows-what-else all over the kitchen and occasionally people. It's not just the glass breaking through consumer misuse (as they allege) - these things are going BOOM when they are not even in use.

Check out the article, where there is also a video than I couldn't embed here, and you might want to look into this further, especially if you are a GE microwave owner.

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Nava said...

Hmm... Tandoori style cooking never has seemed so appealing as it does now.