Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekends: Friday and Monday

Friday was MrBs birthday, so we splurged and went to the Nutty Brown Café to see Del Castillo, one of the best live bands you can see. The Nutty is a really nice outdoor venue/bar and restaurant, and it always seems like there's a breeze blowing. It's down the road in Dripping Springs instead of Austin, but the crowd is probably mostly Austinites. Here's Mark during his jaunt through the audience.

Here's some silliness on the part of the brothers. They took cameras from folks and used them for slides (all in la familia, nobody minded at all).

I was super tired from my week - hell, the last few weeks - stress from ditching my business (for the most part) and changing my employment status in light of our recent underemployment crisis, and the usual stress of kitty cat health problems, and Henry keeping us up all night every night creating a state of sleep deprivation in addition to work stress exhaustion (I don't earn enough to keep us afloat and unemployment checks may not start for several weeks), so something needs to happen - and I believe it will. We are being patient and trying to stay on a budget. We are also leaving more lights on during the night. It helps relieve Henry's distress due to failing eyesight. Anyway, Saturday and Sunday were used for resting and NOT going out.

Saturday we had rain and Sunday a wonderful cool front came through, taking the temperatures down to where, on Monday, the high didn't even break 80. Perfect weather. We went down to Waterloo Records to see Steve Earle's in-store performance, which was wonderful. Now, I saw Steve Earle a few years ago at the ACL Festival, it was from a good distance when he headlined on a big stage with a full band. It didn't do much for me. I later picked up his Washington Square album in the free KGSR bin, and became a fan. This show was just him and his guitar, playing free for a small crowd. Here's a video someone took, we were further back but still have a clear view of him. Glad this was captured. I think I'd rather hear him this way.

He played for about an hour, then we down a few blocks to Opal Divine's to hear MilkDrive on the patio. I was a good night and we got home at a decent hour, as they say.


Charweb said...

Thanks for embedding my video! I also have compiled a playlist of mine and others' videos taken at the same in-store, embedded on my blog:


Also I love your blog, I will put a link to it on mine!

Blueberry said...

Thanks Charweb! I will do the same.