Friday, April 23, 2010

If you've seen one nuclear war, you've seen them all

Ok. Well... this might is the weirdest public service announcement about avoiding nuclear holocaust that I've ever seen. Us boomers all had to sit through the cartoon turtle and his "Duck and Cover" where they told us if we got under our desks after being nuked that we'd probably be fine. Hay Joe here (the puppet) explains how to build your bomb shelter and what pamphlets you'll need. I was wondering why I hadn't seen these before, and now I think I know. These are off the scale, and the scale goes way out there. Running time, 10:30.

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found via my EJlist, FB, and blog friend RG.

Here's another one from Archive. org. This is your standard gov'mint issue PSA explaining how it's no big deal so stop worrying. The specific topic is radiation. Running time 20:14.

Beginning: Nuclear radiation, it's like the sun, it's natural, and it's your friend.
16:47 your biggest worry might be... baldness!!
9:48 A nuclear blast is not going to break up that card game - and keep on smoking, you may as well...
19:40 Mutations can be a good variation, an improvement... face the facts, your principal worry ought to be that your offspring *will* look just like you. Har har har.
Nuclear war is very much like conventional warfare, but with radiation, so try to be someplace else.
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yellowdoggranny said...

i remember coming home from school and my daddy asking me what i learned and i said they taught us that when the russians drop the bomb we should duck and under out desk and cover our head...there was a long silence and daddy said' did they also teach you how to kiss your ass good bye?'...

Anonymous said...

"Beginning: Nuclear radiation, it's like the sun, it's natural, and it's your friend."

Somehow I don't think the Japanese were thinking this when Hiroshima got bombed!

Very scary video!

Blueberry said...

bb: Wondering...was Canada inundated with this kind of propaganda post-WWII and during the Cold War?

Anonymous said...

@Blueberry-I have no idea, because it was before my time. Could be worth looking into, but I'm sure we were just as dissillusioned about the realities of nuclear war.