Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loco programming

It's hard to find anything good on TV on Sunday morning. On Sunday, I prefer to avoid politics, and seems like the rest is preachers, sports I don't care about, travel shows about places I can't go or cooking shows featuring food I won't eat. Then there's Public Access, where you can often find some wild and crazy stuff. This is a link to the exact show I saw this morning (that goes to a ~30 minute clip, but here are a couple of shorter ones featuring the same *star*)

I can't even tell the purpose of this Public Access show (religious, probably)(?), only that he gets a caller that he can't hang up on because the phone is malfunctioning. Even after he thinks he's finally managed to disconnect the guy, he comes roaring back. It's a hilarious interaction between a couple of idiots.

This caller to a Christian show has been reading the Rick James Version of the Bible.

Happy Sunday.

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yellowdoggranny said...

good thing i don't drink any more.