Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hotter than the hinges hangin' off the gates of Hell*

The summer solstice came and went this week, and it's nice that midsummer is over. It's been extremely sunny and hot... and thankfully not that humid since the temps are in the high 90s. We have a long summer here in Austin, but at least it gives folks something to complain about, including me. The triffid hedge recovered from getting flattened by a storm (with the help of the daily ice cream truck music) and now needs weekly dead-heading in a fog of bees. I guess I'm not the gardener type, but it still needs doing.

Friday I took a half-day off the day job to enjoy KGSR's Fan Fare Friday, a whole day of great music that you'd normally pay a pretty penny for, all for a donation of $11 which is the price of a fan for someone who needs it now.

I am also getting ready for the Greencards' new CD to be released. It happens on Tuesday so I will need to update the pages of their website so people can finally buy it without having to pre-order. Also, their new video was supposed to play on CMT (Country Music Television) this morning so I sat and watched cardboard cowboys, plastic paperdoll pornstars, and more Toby Keith than I ever wanted to endure for my whole lifetime for two hours on there waiting for it and it didn't happen! grrrrrrr. CMT must have pulled it from the promised show at the last minute and they have made it available on their website... where it will not play from my Mac. They use their own software app which is incompatible. Still growling. I love country music (the real stuff), and any good music, skillfully played with genuine feeling regardless of genre. I will save all the gushing for a Greencards post... coming soon to the Texas Oasis.

Saturday night we went out to see a friend I know from Eric Johnson world. Brent, from OKC had a gig at the Texas Music Cafe playing bass for Joel Melton. Long drive!

Tonight we will go and see Batman Begins. I imagine that Katie is feeling a little smug that her movie is beating out Nicole's. Meeeeoooow.

*Title is from lyrics in "Play a Train Song" by Todd Snider.

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