Monday, January 11, 2010

Sad family reality

My cousin, who was as close to a sister as I had growing up, is dying of cancer, and has been given maybe 2 more weeks to live. Here is my post from 2007 where I refer to her as "L," it is a long post where I tried to tell her very sad history within a blog post - from her hellish mother to the psycho, abusive survivalist she married and literally escaped from, although not without permanent injuries.

I've talked to her on the phone quite a bit, and it's really hard to know what to say to a person in a situation like this, other than "I love you". I thought about looking for a card to send, but they really don't make cards for this occasion. She has a very sweet, childlike personality, and is assured that soon she will be in the arms of Jesus. That's one way of saying that the pain will be over. I will grant that.

Her Uncle/Daddy (yes, he was both) just died this past June, the only Uncle I have ever really mourned.



so sad..but at least she has her religion to lean on..and you..
chin up..tits out

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin. I read your other posts and she certainly had a hellish life. It's amazing what people can withstand.

konagod said...

I had a cousin who had a longstanding heart condition, and we hooked up out in LA when he was living in Pasadena.

His parents were out there and we had this big get together. After his parents retired to the chamber of sleeps, my cousin and I continued to chat, at the tab of his parents.

When we finally decided to call it a night, I said "I'll call you again sometime."

I didn't. And a few months later, he was dead.

konagod said...

I went to the memorial. Flea showed up and spoke, but that didn't make it less painful. I felt like I had betrayed a promise.

Blueberry said...

YDG: Her beliefs do comfort her, and I know mine (or lack of beliefs) wouldn't.

Debra: thank for reading. That's some crazy crap, huh? It just scratches the surface.

kona, at least you got to have a good visit. I think there is always a good bit of regret for things undone when we lose somebody.