Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday in Austin

Busy day on Saturday... first of all, went to the Petco to pick up some food for Henry, and nearly had my heart stolen by this brown pom (one of 3 available, including the puppy), he looked sweet and mellow, and maybe old, not sure - but NOT getting a dog no matter how cute. The shopping trip into north Austin was mostly an excuse for me to get a firsthand look at the kamikazi plane attack site (MrB passes it on the way to work, and it's very close to my work but not convenient to drive by, especially on a weekday).
Still attracting a lot of driveby lookers, but I think for the most part, the whole affair is in the past now. People are still talking about the event, but the city is moving on. We feel sure that we had seen Joe Stack somewhere... he looked familiar. I've read in more than one place about the terrible marital/family troubles he'd been having in the days right before he did this thing. A person can be at wits end, and something like that can definitely shove them right over the edge, especially if they are teetering on the edge of the cliff anyway.
For lunch we tried a new place (for us) called Food Heads. We had some really excellent veggie sandwiches on the patio of this very cool place on 34th street, while reading in the Chronicle the continuing bad news about the inevitable upcoming loss of the Cactus Cafe. I see Carrie Rodriguez will be there in April. She is excellent live. The loss of the Cactus is another area where I, for one, am resigned to... it's coming, just move on. It's out of our hands.
We noticed that Dustin Welch was going to be playing an early evening show at Central Market (north), a free show where you buy your provisions in the grocery store or restaurant inside, and take them out on the patio for the music. It was a really good show, and as always, the kids steal the spotlight. It was a beautiful night out, light jacket weather at most. Spring is almost here.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kids respond so openly and honestly to music, don't they? (And of course, to everything else as well!)