Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bulk trash day and home fixits

Goodbye you dusty old mini-blinds that, in a home with cats, are nearly always going to be hopelessly bent unless they are made of wood.
funny pictures of cats with captionsfunny pictures-wearing shades your doinit wrong

funny pictures of cats with captionsfunny pictures of cats with captions

Even that Indian bedspread I draped over the curtain rod even looks better that those old blinds. The rest of the blinds in the house were pitched a couple of months ago and replaced with old-fashioned room-darkening vinyl shades (with sheers over them), and believe me - they keep that west-facing upstairs Texas bedroom a LOT cooler in Summer (which is 6 months long).

Goodbye old bamboo reed fencing that I had stapled to the wall around the master bath in an attempt to create a "tiki lounge" motif. I lived in Hawaii in the 50s and have a small collection of period knicknacks from that, things that have no other place to go. Stapling reeds to the wall was done after being inspired by a lot of stuff they used to have on that show "Trading Spaces," where they would commonly and intentionally misuse implements of decor. Actually, it didn't look that bad, but after I put it up I was afraid that it would end up full of bugs. In taking it down though, I only found 2 click beetles in it (both dead).

The real reason for taking it down was because we are getting the shower re-tiled. I used to clean that shower with Ajax and other harsh abrasives, and apparently that causes the surface to disintegrate. Anyway, it's a gawd-awful mess in there that I've been wanting to hit with a sledge hammer for a long time. Now it's a matter of necessity since I suspect that the degradation might be allowing water to seep in where it shouldn't be. The demolition process is going to be dusty, so reedy wallcovering, out you go.

The first bid we got for the tile replacement was through Home Depot, and so laughably high that I might frame the quote. They are using a contractor, whose quote stated that their price would be $12,777, but because we were going through Home Depot it would cost only $10,850. The second and third bids were about half of that, so the process will begin on the 20th with them swinging the sledge hammer (or whatever they use).

The recent occurrence of Tropical Storm Hermine going right through us brought heavy rains and flooding. All we really suffered was the failure of one of the skylights to keep out all the water. After having its twin skylight's leak repaired a couple of years ago, we have decided to give them both the boot. $500 will get them removed but still leave us with a couple of funny-looking ceiling tunnels. We can worry about those later.


Ptelea said...

I hope the remodel goes well. It is a stressful process, even just one piece like a bathroom. I have a big picture window that is currently covered by a flannel sheet because I can't make up my mind what to put over it. The old drapes had been marked by the cats, one too many times. It does feel good to get rid of old stuff - especially in bulk!

Blueberry said...

It's nice to put stuff out to the curb, but we always drive around to see what others have put out. Ended up with a couple of small speakers and a futon chair and footstool - minus the actual futon/cushion - that was trashed - but the wooden frames were still very nice.

So on bulk day we ended up with MORE stuff. Ha ha!