Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bullet = dodged

I know that the Obama administration has been an occasional disappointment in varying degrees for progressives. Any moderate is not going to match my ideals because I'm a liberal, and there were no liberals in the Presidential race after Kucinich left it... and I doubt that a liberal will ever make it to Party nominee again in my lifetime, but... that being said, let's look at McCain here.

With his hot temper and belligerence, he is absolutely unfit to hold the office of POTUS (and plenty of lesser jobs too), imagine a President so old, incompetent, flying off the handle in fits of rage, and not in the best health, and if imagining him as Pres isn't frightening enough then there's the prospect of Vice President Palin. Let that thought simmer, and then boil.

My frustration with current events has been mostly with Congress, mostly with the childish and infuriating tactics of the Republicans, but also with quite a few Democrats. Yes, a lot of them in both Parties need to thrown out, but this "throw 'em all out" sentiment is causing the surge of the extreme fringe nuts (generally lumped together as the Tea Party) to actually make it to the (R) nomination. The only way to prevent these extreme freaks from taking over it to VOTE. Just do it. Get your butt to the polls. Vote against them.


Connie, Orlando said...

I'm with you, girl. Republicans and the wacko talking heads on TV wouldn't recognize a real liberal if they faced one with a t-shirt stating I AM A CARD CARRYING LIBERAL. Obama never was a liberal and it shows every day, but McCain plus kill every animal crazy Palin scared the living crap out of me, forcing me to not vote for Nader again. The Can't Do That Republicans and nutless Democrats in Congress make me crazy too. But the wackadoo Tea Partiers are certified nut cases.

Professor Chaos said...

Obama is like a raisin cookie. Sure, it's disappointing that he's not the chocolate chip cookie we thought we were getting, but at least he's still a cookie. (In this analogy, I guess McCain = no cookies) I dunno, I'm getting sleepy. And now I have to go get cookies.

Blueberry said...

Connie, I need to get myself a card that says "Liberal" so I can tell people that and it will be literally true. :-)

Professor, there aren't enough cookies on earth to get me through a McCain/Palin term.

Ptelea said...

So true - and all of these comments made me laugh. I love the idea of getting a card - it could be really funny when pulled out at the right moment!

Who you callin' housewife? said...

I think I'm going to print up a card that says "rational, sane, thinking person".