Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rough night

...and waking up in a strange place. What the hell happened and how did we get here, people?

{photo: Museum of the Weird, 6th Street, Austin}


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, at least people were not stupid enough to elect Christine O'Donnell. There might be hope yet.

Blueberry said...

and Sharron Angle lost, probably Joe Miller too, and that wacky Paladino. Our US Rep. Lloyd Doggett won, but our Dem State Rep lost to an (R).

Connie, Orlando said...

I chalk it up to the undereducated masses. Keep the educational system broken and the people will keep voting for idiots.

I share your pain. I live in Florida that went almost entirely RED and I'm aqua (green + blue). You & Hightower are the only liberals I'm aware of in Texas.

The shocker? After making a pinata out of Harry Reid, he still pulled it off & won. Although I'm not so sure that's any reason to rejoice - certainly not a liberal or progressive Dem.

Blueberry said...

Oh yes, Connie, we do have liberals in Texas. Lloyd Doggett is one, our Austin City Council is very liberal, esp. the Mayor (as was the previous Mayor), and there are some State legislators too (although a couple or so fewer of those now). I think there's a whole spectrum of political ideologies everywhere you go. All the States have pockets of blue and green and purple and pink all the way to red. The big maps just jumble us all in together. Florida must be the same way.