Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flogging Molly on Austin City Limits

We had a great time at the Flogging Molly Austin City Limits taping last night. The use the new taping venue now, and I do think that, based on the limited experience of 2 tapings in the legendary previous venue, that this one does not quite measure up. Yes, the sound is wonderful, but the lack of bleacher seating (or any other seating for the floor area) and complete lack of line management are a definite negative in my book.

Anyway, the band really rocked and it was our first Flogging Molly concert. Also, the lead singer (Dave King) pointed to my t-shirt and talked a little about during the show!! It was a great Willie Nelson shirt of mine with a large picture of him on the front. Dave said, "There's an Austin shirt! I used to have hair like that!" and a bit more that I don't remember. I hope the editors keep that banter in so I can see it later on TV.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You star, you! I hope they leave that banter in too.


will watch for it as I never miss Austin City Limits..want to go sometime but Lane's been and said it's uncomfortable and she's old and likes her comfort.

Blueberry said...

My theory is that they'd like to weed us old-timers out of the faces in the crowd with the standing-only shows. There was another older couple next to us, and at some point they left their front-of-the-crowd position. Don't know why. Then when I told a co-worker (in my age group) about the standing, he said 'well, there's no way I'm going to try for one of them then. I can't stand for 2 hours.'