Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goin' South

Encounters at the End of the World
This film has been out for a few years but I only just discovered it and had Netflix send it over. This is a documentary by Werner Herzog about the South Pole, the people who spend time there, and the reasons why. We watched it first on the smaller TV with just the TV speakers, and enjoyed that but realized that we really needed to see it on the bigger TV with the sound system (like our second viewing). Make sure you do that. The visuals and the music in it are gorgeous, just stunning! (Don't watch it on your phone if you have other choices.)A few images from the film that I snagged online.
Science, adventure, art, culture, passion, eccentricity, extraordinary people, places and creatures. Lots of stories.
Human extremophiles, kindred spirits to Herzog himself. If you rent this, make sure you check out the extra features, especially Under the Sea and Over the Ice. Those are just trippy-beautiful scenic short features with great music in the background. Hope I remembered the names of those correctly.

There is a really good podcast from Wisconsin Public Radio that is on many of the same topics, called Polar Stories, which covers both poles. Our local NPR affiliate doesn't carry this show, called "To the Best of Our Knowledge," so I listen online occasionally. It's always an excellent program.

It is already in the mid-90°s here, so maybe all these icy stories are extra refreshing to us.

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