Friday, August 24, 2012

How old am I? This many.

This was my favorite TV show as a kid. I also loved The Liberace Show.
There were lots of shows on where you'd get to watch people dancing. The music was great too. Late at night, there was only a test pattern on.
These were my heroes as a pre-teen. I kept scrapbooks of clippings about them. I met Alan Shepard as an adult (during his book tour) and he signed my old LIFE magazine with him on the cover.
I witnessed these events on live TV. What an emotional roller-coaster!
This guy on the right held me in his arms onstage. Toddlers are hard to resist. About 12 years later we met him again, and when my mother asked if he remembered it, he nicely lied and said that he did. I got to see the guy below, on the left, when he looked like the picture on the right.

My first concert that was unaccompanied by parents was this one. I went with my older girl cousin. I don't think she was into the British Invasion, she preferred Elvis and Frankie Avalon.
I got to see these rock icons in concert. I most regret not seeing Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, or The Beatles.

The 17-yr-old version of me had this closeup view of Plant. More about that here.

I lived in a whole bunch of places, some of them twice. Trying to settle down a bit more these days.

Yes, it's another birthday. Nothing planned except maybe a day off work. I will most likely be well-behaved and probably go to bed early.

Here is Liberace playing "Bumble Boogie" on his TV show.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy birthday, Blueberry! Have a fabulous day today -- LIBERACE FABULOUS!!!

Blueberry said...

His fingers move so fast on the keys, they are a blur.

Ted McLaughlin said...

Happy birthday!
You're almost as old as I am now.

Connie, Orlando said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the trip down memory land. Loved Liberace's show. My dad could have gotten me backstage at the Doral when the Beatles were there on the Ed Sullivan Show. They had long hair & horrible music, so he didn't. I cried while I watched them on tv. I did see Herman's Hermits at the Ohio State Fair. Swoon.

Professor Chaos said...

Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Willie Nelson? I am soooooo envious right now!