Sunday, September 02, 2012

Chillin' with music in the extended dog days

Well, the "Dog Days" trudge on still hot as hell (98-101°F, ~37°C) and no relief for another month. Apparently, the Dog Days are called that because in ancient times they thought that the Dog Star, Sirius, was helping to heat things up. I'm still avoiding some outdoor activities, but on a hot night with a spectacular blue moon overhead we did make it out to see MilkDrive co-billed with Phoebe Hunt. If you've not heard of Phoebe, you might have heard of Belleville Outfit, and band she used to be part of. She has played in and toured with many bands and done plenty of session work. Now she's got her solo thing going. We were happily surprised to see that Carrie Rodriguez stopped by and played a tune with her. Check it out for wonderful fiddle goodness:

Here is MilkDrive with one of their new ones, and I promise this one will stick in your head in a good way:

This morning we are going to a kickass brunch show, hopefully indoors, featuring amazing guitar and vocals from Jeff Plankenhorn, Guy Forsyth, Malford Milligan, David Grissom and others. Wow.

For no reason at all, other than I love the idea of it, here's a squirrel playing electric banjo.

You can buy this on a t-shirt here.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Squirrels are well known for their banjo pickin'. Stay cool!