Thursday, January 18, 2007

Catblogging - Alex is Sweet 16!

Just turned 16 this week, still looking good for the camera, and he knows it! Alex could eat a whole birthday cake and not gain an ounce... but he can't eat cake, in fact, can't eat very many things without getting sick since he has IBD. He does have plenty of time to go through his various birthday cards and fan letters. Mostly he doesn't read them, he'd rather tear them up.

I think Duncan sent him one of those cards! He really loves his adopted brother. All the other cats are concentrating on the sound of little cans being opened (you can see Henry's tail there. He's got the jump on everybody when it comes to little cans). Now that's true brotherly love.

Health notes on the sick boys: Alex had some bloodwork and it looks like B-12 shots are going to be beneficial to him (cobalamin deficient), and he's about ready for another depo (steroid) shot to help with his belly. Duncan is getting a little checkup late Friday afternoon. He's been feeling a little poorly, not eating very well and breathing hard. I will keep you posted! EDIT Friday evening: Duncan had about 3 ounces of fluid drained from his lung. It wasn't collapsed yet like it did the previous time. He is feeling better tonight after the procedure.

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Nava said...

Wow - 16? That's quite amazing.
He looks really good - and Duncan is truly sweet for preferring to hang out with the birthday boy, over food.

Reminds me of a wedding The JohnnyB and I flew to, a couple of years ago.
We stuck with the bride and groom, congratulating them and conversing (after all, that's what we came for, No?), and ended up starving to death all the way back...

I'm sure you made sure that - as opposed to us - Duncan was compensated.

Undeniable Liberal said...

They look pretty good, how are they dealing with the weird weather that you have been getting?

Blueberry said...

They have stuck their noses out on the screen porch and decided to skip it.

We are back in the 40s now, and not missing the ice a bit!

FreakyNick said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Seeing them sick is hard when you love them so much.

I wish you and your cute cats all the best.

sammawow said...

Happy Birthday to Alex - he surely doesn't look 16! Quite the handsome cat!

Aloysius said...

Happy Birthday, Alex! Your human is lucky to have you around and she certainly takes good care of you.