Thursday, January 11, 2007

Catblogging - A few of his favorites things

Jax is oblivious to the fact that there's a HUGE cat on that Meowy Christmas poster behind him. It's like... a 50 foot cat! But who cares when you are surrounded by a few catnip-scented toys? Looks like he's getting very friendly with that little mouse.

On closer examination, it looks like Jax has the longest pinkest tongue you ever saw on a cat, except maybe the one on that poster. His claws are ready should anyone try to escape!
Hmmmm. A little further investigation reveals that the pink stuff belongs completely to that poor mouse... which has since suffered the embarrassing demise of being knocked under the dresser, where it became engulfed by a dust bunny, and since it was half-torn-up already it was put into the trash. Don't worry Jax. You will never lack for toys.

Update on the sick boys: Duncan is holding steady, nothing to report on him this week. Alex is going to the vet on Friday to get tested to see if B-12 might be beneficial for his IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). I've heard some tales that it's been helpful for some of the poor little guys who just keep losing weight. He may be lining up with Duncan here for shots pretty soon. Would anyone out there like a shot? Go to the back of the line.

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Nava said...

I got to hand it to you: I never liked cats, but your cat blogging managed to cause me to start to...
which a major achievement!
Hope Duncan and Alex are OK, and that Jax will get a replacement mouse (is it under warranty?)

Me said...

That mouse is now in mousy heaven. And good news about the other cats, too. Holding steady is a good thing.
OT, did you see where it is supposed to FREEZE with rain and sleet on Monday night and Tuesday? Here? Driving should be just a blast, huh?

Blueberry said...

Good time to sweep out dust bunnies. No telling how many more cat toys we will find. ;-)

msliberty said...

What a pretty kitty!