Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Briefly checking in

I am sorry for you folks dealing with drought right now (we had ours last summer/fall), so I wish I could send you some of this rain. Can't remember the last day it didn't rain. The mosquitoes are digging it. I'm not. I've been congested so long trying to breathe this soupy air and mold that the trusty old sinus infection is back (is it ever truly gone?). Fever and sore throat kept me home from the day job today, but still had a full inbox of freelance work to do... and since, technically, I can do that from a sick bed I don't really get to take sick time -- plus I have no one to fill in for me. Now here I am, between tasks, propped up in a fog of fever putting up a quick post.

I decided to disallow anonymous comments again after getting some completely hilarious but vicious remarks on my July 4th post from a year ago. I thought about deleting them, but they were too ridiculous! Read and enjoy. Not going to feed that troll.

No big plans for the holiday. It will probably be similar to the one described at the link. Hunkering down trying to calm kitty cats and hoping there are no stray bullets headed our way. At least the rain has lowered the fire risk. Happy holiday all.

Planning on putting together a post for Blog Against Theocracy, and you might want to put one together yourself. Directions are on the link.


Kay said...

You're more generous than I am. I report the comments as spam to aksimet and the commenter hopefully gets blocked from my blog.

I wonder how many fires we will have tonight with the fireworks. The drought here is bad, but not as bad as California.

Blueberry said...

The person was anonymous, so I will start by blocking anonymous and leaving it that way. My unregistered regulars know how to reach me in other ways if they want.

Fireworks being used in suburban backyards really bother me. Dangerous for lots of reasons, and they shoot them off *all night*.

Me said...

You know, after our HORRID drought last year, I SWORE I would NOT ever complain about rain again.


I sure would like to see a SUNNY day again.

Sorry you're feeling bad. I hope you get better like YESTERDAY!

Oh, and on the mosquito thingie, I can't even walk in my yard without literally stirring them up out of the grass.

I do NOT like 'em. At all.

Blueberry said...

It was sunny today (for a few minutes)... and raining at the same time! Sheesh!

Mosquitoes are one of only a couple of critters I kill on sight. West Nile virus really scares me and it's bad for the kitties too so I think of it as self-defense. Scorpions are the other one I can't co-habitate with.

Fireworks are going full force here in the burbs.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Get well soon.