Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cat soothing, peace, and staying out of trouble

With the holiday on Tuesday, and me working in the office Monday, it was kind of like having 2 Mondays this week. The 4th of July (day) was spent shopping! What are holidays coming to when all the stores are going to be open? Yes, I know we are part of the problem by being shoppers, but I really wish the the people working in those stores had the day off too.

We opted to cocoon with movies instead of going out in the heat, floods, lightning, crowds, whatever. The fireworks displays in Austin are kinda puny (even without the storms they had this year), and there are some things where size DOES matter... size, quantity and budget. I am hopelessly spoiled. Oh well, no use whining. Some good movies watched on DVD: "Everything is Illuminated" and "The World's Fastest Indian", both recommended.

The fireworks in our suburban neighborhood were not puny enough, however, as we were still wondering at midnight if that last one landed in our yard. Yes, it's illegal. I don't care whether it's illegal or not, I just think it's bad citizenship. These are houses set close together with lots of animals running around seeking shelter, lots of stuff that could catch fire... and not ALL of us have a summer vacation you stinking little punks!!! [...OK...settling down... breathing...] Sorry about getting all bob-dole- get-off-my-lawn- or-i'll-stick-this-pen-in-your-neck, but some of these kids! A few days ago they took off on their skateboards leaving behind a broken beer bottle on the sidewalk. I don't even care if they drink at 14-15, I just want them to show a little respect if possible. (there's a reason I don't have kids)

The cats were pretty traumatized all night, especially Jax who spent the night in our room... either hunkering down in a corner or pacing all over EVERYTHING while making trilling sounds. Jax lived on the streets for years so I know he's acquainted with fireworks first-hand. All our cats are catching up on their naps today. I'm happy for them.

Enjoyed reading the various Peace postings yesterday. I wonder if peace is possible as long as there are people. I would like to think that it's a possibility.

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Anonymous said...

The reason you don't have kids is that you are freaking ugly.

Anonymous said...

The other you reason you don't have kids because you're only chance is with the damn cat that you treat like a boyfriend. Sorry to let you know that letting the cat lick peanut butter off youyr crotch will NOT get you pregnant.