Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Irresistables

Well, here we go. As soon as the neighbor's kittens entered our lives, we decided not to get attached and basically just try to keep them away and leave them alone even though they won't get good care. As mentioned here before, they don't fix their animals, barely give them any shelter, food or water. It's the old pro-life problem -- they must give birth but care and survival after that is their problem.

We CAN'T save the world, one cat at a time. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

They love us, of course. When our garage door opens, here they come at full speed in 100% cute mode. Getting out of the driveway in the morning will require about an extra 5-10 minutes as one person holds the kittens back while the other pulls into the street, gets out and the holds back the kittens for the other one. The car horn doesn't frighten them away.

The kittens are always panting when we see them, and yesterday it was over 100 degrees (today will be hotter than yesterday!). Last night we gave in and put out some water for them, theirs was gone and their "folks" were gone too -- they took really long drinks. Poor little sweeties.

I think their kitty mom is pregnant again. I will be surprised if another litter is allowed, I will not be surprised if she disappears or gets "stolen". And how long will it be before this little baby girl is pregnant too?

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Neil Shakespeare said...

My brother has the same problem with his neighbors. In fact, their cat gave birth to her kittens in my brother's garage!

pissed off patricia said...

How about you grab the kittens and take them to be spayed. Hell grab momma cat too and get her done. Doubt the people would ever miss the cats while they were healing.

Giving them some water was very kind and not like feeding them. Lots of things can benefit from a water bowl in that sort of hot weather.

Blueberry said...

A little update on The Irresistables. Mr Blueberry talked to the human parents, they said that they are going to get the little ones fixed very soon, and the pregnant mom will get fixed after the new babies come along. Also, they supposedly have homes ready for the new kittens.

They also apologized for the barking pomeranians and blamed it on a raccoon or rat that has been coming around at night for the dog's food. They leave the little dogs outside. Don't get me started on that again, but instead of just bringing the little fluffsters in they are going to trap, and I'm sure destroy whatever is venturing into their yard.