Saturday, July 08, 2006

Proud Plugging

I am going to plug something here. This new CD is from Dennis Ludiker and Heidi Labensart. Dennis is a fiddler with the South Austin Jug Band, and Heidi is (so far) a non-performing fiddler but both are multiple time champions and award winners. It's crazy good fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. Some traditional pieces and some new ones. Lots of other really good players on it too.

I did the CD artwork for it, and am in the process of building this website: Going Places Music. You can buy it on the site (and right now, nowhere else except from the artists, although it will be on CDBaby soon), but there aren't sound clips posted yet (hey, I've only got 2 hands and one keyboard), but you can listen to a couple of songs at Dennis's MySpace and on the Jill McGuckin PR news page.

Oh yeah, and support Indie Music, home-grown, non-corporate, and straight from the heart and soul.

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DrewL said...

Very cool artwork! Sounds like you may be "going places", too!

Blueberry said...

Thanks! And welcome back DrewL. Long time no see.

pissed off patricia said...

It's a beautiful cover. Congratulations