Saturday, July 22, 2006

Texican trouble

Looks like the Boys are not immune in Austin.* This morning at 10, JoJo Garza was arrested for assault... and they found some pot. It happened at the Omni downtown, there was a disturbance, there was a woman there... someone was hurt, no more details yet. Their manager Kevin Womack has got to be under some major pressure to come up with an official statement right now.

They were supposed to have a little pre-show show at Stubb's, a soundcheck show for people who bought their new CD at Waterloo Records. My friend was down there and called to tell me it was cancelled -- but I swear she said the reason given was because the guys were stuck in Ft. Worth. Maybe they didn't want to start a riot. I didn't even try to go to the show. The Boys are just too popular, makes it tough, fans are hardcore, and I saw them "when" as they say. Saw them in the clubs in Austin before they hit it big and have seen them since then too. LLB put on a great show, lots of charisma and energy.

...and speaking of hardcore, great shows and charisma, the buzz is that the Rolling Stones will play Austin (in Zilker Park) in October! I am both happy and dreading this... dreading it because I can no longer afford the Stones like I could at one time. Arrrgh. What to do?

* referring to Ringo's previous arrest for drugs in San Angelo. I seriously doubt that if they would have stayed in Austin the band would be stalked for drug arrest, and I don't think this arrest would have happened without the "assault" part of it. Just waiting to see what happened now. I don't think the previous arrest really hurt the band's image. Look at Willie Nelson. He's a big pot-supporter and one of the most well-loved celebs I can think of. This arrest, though, involved a woman being assaulted (at least that's what's being said now), and that's a whole 'nother thing. The band's fan base in very family-oriented: moms, dads, young people, young couples with babies and toddlers. They connect with the little ones big time. I think this whole thing is going to hurt their image because of the family violence aspect. NOT GOOD (and not restricting that comment to just their image).

EDIT Monday 24th: Now the woman is saying no assault, just a misunderstanding (even though earlier reports definitely said the woman was hurt). They are in love. No problem. Sorry for the disturbance. EDIT Wednesday 26th: The person who was in the next room says there was a loud argument and someone was slammed against the wall. The woman had visible scratches according to the police report, and wouldn't let them look at her back and mid-section. Jojo, this is bad news. Her official response is all too familiar sounding. Sad.

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