Thursday, July 06, 2006

Friday Cat Chat - All the Live Long Day.

I have been watching this one for a couple of days. It's too funny! We were discussing whether they are trying to mimic human speech. I think maybe the first 2 might be. The third one is just goofy, and the last one is about to barf, sometimes they make the wierdest noises on earth pre-hairball.

They are obviously saying something very provocative in cat language, as Alex is determined to put a stop to it. Of, course, he hates cats and everything that looks or sounds like cats so it might be as simple as that.

EDIT: Blogger might be eating the comments on this post. I've had one disappear already, so if that happens, I apologize for Blogger in advance.

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pissed off patricia said...

Majorly funny

This is kind of bizarre, today I was thinking about posting about my cats sounds he makes. Everytime I say his name he makes one sound. When I feed him he makes another and it goes on and on. I tell Mr Pop that the cat is trying to teach me cat language.

K T Cat said...

Stop it! I'm dying! ROTFLMAO!

2Vamp said...

That was just too, too funny... I played it about 5 times inna row, just so I could listen all over again!!