Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pink Myrtle

The Crape Myrtle's have been blooming with fat pink blossoms for the longest time... so pretty. All the fallen petals on the garden path have turned everything pink, because there are still plenty left on the tree. That extra accessory is a hunk of pink slag, one of my few contributions to the yard. (c-r-a-p-e is actually the correct spelling in this case. I was surprised by that one the first time I saw it)

The Crape Myrtle is the State Shrub of Texas! And you thought the State Shrub was "Bush". I guarantee that Bush is far more red than pink. Here's an eye-level view of the flowery jungle, and you can enjoy it without the mosquito swarm I braved to take the picture (and no, I didn't make it out without about a half-dozen bites), not even mentioning bees. I love screen.

I don't see how it can be called a "shrub" because I thought shrubs were short. Most of the blooming branches are eye-level from the second story. Here's one more little shot closer to ground level.


pissed off patricia said...

I just love Crape Myrtles. They have such soft and tender flowers. Your pictures are beautiful. I think the Crape Myrtle was the first plant I remember really noticing as a little kid.

I like the light pick ones and the deeper pink ones best. The white ones I can take or leave.

Blueberry said...

The pink really is beautiful! I must've been in Hawaii when I noticed my first flower (since Phoenix is not so big in the flower dept.), but it could have been nearly anything. Hawaii must be the pretty-flower capital of the world.