Thursday, July 20, 2006


Wow! St. Louis just had a hell of a storm! I used to work in the building that's just one block from this one, so it is a little bit freaky for me to see this pic!

Google Earth shows what looks like a big hole in the top of it, and that didn't help the old guy out much.


EE said...

So you used to work on the landing! What was in that building then?

I live in the UMSL area, in a 1920s brick bungalow. Now I know why pizzas are made in brick ovens! I feel really fortunate to have had my power restored in about 18 hours, considering how many people were affected and the estimate is that 400,000 people still don't have power.

Blueberry said...

That building (in the picture) was empty I think. Yes, I worked on the Landing for my last year in town. I was amazed at some of the descriptions of the storm, esp. at the new baseball stadium which I have never seen. Scary.

I was without air conditioning up until 1981, so I went through that super-hot 1980 heat wave with no AC (and lived upstairs... always upstairs...). Kept cool by running the tub full of water, sitting in it 'til it got warm, then chilling down air-drying, start the process over. I used to also work at the old GM plant, it would get up to 125 degrees indoors where I worked, and not even in the hottest part of the plant. Yuck! That humidity is hard to take. It's been around 100 here for awhile, but mostly with lower humidity. Amazing difference.

My friends just went over to the UK and it's just as hot over there! Wierd!