Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Old Rubber Lips

This is birthday of Mick Jagger, he's 63 and seems to be fit as a fiddle. He's in fantastic shape, and watching him is still a guilty pleasure. This is my ink drawing I did about 30 years ago, give or take. Below are some old shots taken by my friend Ross Hamilton, who was standing right next to me. This was my ultimate Stones show, 1969, West Palm Beach, stageside. Also saw them twice the same day in 1972 (in their prime as some would say) and a couple of other times since. They are coming to Austin for sure, it's confirmed. I guarantee we won't be this close. I'm expecting the "cheap seats" to be in the $60 range if other shows on the tour are any indication. Bring the binoculars. A telescope wouldn't hurt.

The title, "Old Rubber Lips" comes from the nickname given to Mick Jagger's character "Turner" in the movie "Performance". He played an eccentric, semi-retired rock star. Stretch, huh? Check it out sometime. It's a wonderful old cult classic and has absolutely great Ry Cooder guitar all through it.

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MichaelBains said...

Old rubber lips! I love it! He's definitely inspired quite a few botox injections, eh.

And still rockin' his way to the end. Good for him.

troutsky said...

I just found out they are coming to Missoula Montana. I don't know why, I saw them in 72 in Frankfurt, almost got crushed to death at the gate.

Blueberry said...

I was nearly crushed to death in the ticket line in 72! This was after camping on the sidewalk. The next day when tickets went on sale, it turned into a mob (natch), and the police were trying to shove the crowd that spilled into the street back onto the sidewalk with clubs. I never even made it close to the ticket window before it sold out (a friend got lucky on our behalf though). People bitch to no end about Ticketmaster, or Ticketbastard or whatever you want to call it, and their nasty fees... but it offers many advantages.

Mark Smith said...

1972 was a great year for 'Old Rubber Lips' and the gang hah. I've been following their shows ever since! Does anyone else have Rolling Stones collectibles? Or is it just me?! I found a great site who actually made a Rolling Stones AUDIOBOOK. Never seen one of those before, but it actually surprised me with its detailed content. You guys check it out if you're a fellow Roling Stones buff like me =)

Blueberry said...

I got into them in 1964-1965. My mother loved them as well, in fact we saw them together in 1969 and twice in 1972. She even spent that night on the sidewalk in the ticket line in 72. I think she watched Performance and Sympathy for the Devil as many times at the theatre as I did... and that was plenty. The only real memorabilia I still have is an original tongue patch -- but I can't prove it. It looks just like all the others that came after it! haha!