Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Work, play, collapse

It's been a packed weekend and week, hardly time to breathe. Not all work and no play though (I have only those 2 settings. I have no setting called "relax"). Two fantastic Del Castillo shows Friday and Saturday at Antone's included a Saturday surprise of Monte Montgomery playing electric guitar with the brothers for the finale (afterward he told me that he's done that maybe 3 times before, but nobody I know has ever seen it!!). All three of them distinguish themselves by playing hella acoustic like you can't even believe, and they play really good electric too. Man, was it loud. My ears were nearly bleeding even with earplugs. Whoo! Tomorrow (July 12) is Mark del Castillo's birthday, by the way. Still a baby at 34.

Also saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean on Saturday. Of course, you should go see it silly!! It's loads of fun and Depp goodness. Not sayin' any more, me hearties and scabrous dogs!

Well, just wanted to drop a note in here. And totally off the previous 2 topics, here's a Pink Floyd quiz to amuse you. I only got 2 out of 10 right and those were wild guesses. See if you can beat that!! I don't know my Pink Floyd stuff. Enough of this fluff, back to whipping myself into an early grave.

EDIT: Geez!! This is just super-weird coinkydinkyness. I'm freaking myself out. Syd Barrett has just died, but I didn't know that when I posted the trivia quiz link. Not really a survivor of the 60s (known for being mentally ill), he still lived to be 60 years and still has a humongous fan base. Apparently it happened several days ago (on the 7th, according to Wiki, but I don't think there's been an official announcement as I type this).

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MichaelBains said...

7 of 10

I really had NO idea about the first 3 questions, and purely guessed what (whom) was meant by "the Hat".

None the ..!

Hey! Glad you liked the Pirates. Think I'm gonna see it this weekend, so yar've got me sealegs a'dancin' fer it now, ye goodly Wench! (And how'd ye be knowin' 'bout them scabs...?) Arrhhg!

Coeur Mechant said...

I guessed at just about every question and managed to get three correct answers, one being the length of time Dark Side of the Moon spent on the Billboard 200 album chart.

Speaking of that music, I was fortunate enough to hear Pink Floyd perform Dark Side of the Moon months before it was released, in the second set of a concert in Austin on September 8, 1972.

Blueberry said...

MB: Aaaaaarrrrrr!!
CM: That's one of those great memorable classic shows, isn't it? Never saw the band myself.