Saturday, July 21, 2007


My Alex is featured in the Carnival of the Cats banner right now, so I am shamelessly encouraging everyone to click this link, go over there and click on his picture to vote (second from right), looks like this. It will be up there for a few days, and you can vote every day. He's won the "Catmodel of the Week" with that picture before, but it would be special if he won it this time since we just lost him a week ago. EDIT: He's off the banner now. Thanks for voting!

Today we found something to use for his marker. It's a metal lizard, very cute but still badass-looking, so it will suit him. We looked for a dragon but couldn't find a good one we both liked. This lizard doesn't look like a real species, so it can be a dragon if we want it to be.


Nava said...

I have (shamelessly) voted.

Regardless of your plea, and on a totally objective note: I honestly think that is the best photo!

Kay said...

My vote has been cast. :)

Neil Shakespeare said...

I guess I must be late because I didn't see this picture on the banner. I'm assuming they change it daily or something. Anyway, I vote for Alex in spirit.