Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This week in political events

We've got a new monthly event to attend after going to our first one on Sunday evening. It's called "last Sunday" and is held on the last Sunday of the month unless there's a scheduling problem (which happens a lot, but you can stay informed here). It's not a rally, it's a combination of talks, readings and music on certain topics. This week it was "War and Empire ...to examine not only the current war in Iraq and the ambitions of this administration, but the larger project of dominance that U.S. policymakers have pursued in the last half-century -- and the consequences of that for the world.". The regulars are musician Eliza Gilkyson, Rev. Jim Rigby, and UT prof. Robert Jensen. This week's guests were columnist/author Jim Hightower, author Ana-Maurine Lara and musician Butch Hancock (Flatlanders). There he is in the pic with Eliza and guitarist Robbie Gjersoe.

It was excellent!! Good quote from Hightower on going with the flow: "a dead fish can do that".
Jensen and Rigby are known for their activism for civil rights and human rights. Rigby is a Presbyterian minister who has put his neck on the block not only for officiating over illegal same-sex unions but for allowing an atheist (Jensen) to join his church. I've heard him speak before, and whether as a guest in the UU church or at this, the guy can and does deliver a powerful secular message. [my previous posts on Rigby: Press-biter | Not all wackos]

Butch Hancock's music was just stunning, as Eliza put it very well, his latest CD is the one Bob Dylan should have done. It's very much in the spirit of the old 60s Bob Dylan... the Dylan I like. [catty remark... sorry]. We are planning on seeing him on Wednesday night at another free show at the Mercury Hall.

Coming up this week, a couple of events we can't attend but you might want to. On Wednesday there's a CodePink event: Mark Wilkerson, the GI facing court martial sentencing for going AWOL based on moral opposition to the Iraq war, will speak at Cafe Caffeine, 7:00 pm.

On Friday, Barack Obama will be at Town Lake on Auditorium Shores. It's free but you will need a ticket to get in. Info here. I'm glad that Obama is coming to Texas. Kerry wrote us off during the campaign as a "why waste money?" state. I know... those are hard decisions, and he, unfortunately but unsurprisingly was right.

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Mando Mama said...

Like Kerry, I'm afraid I also wrote most of Texas off for drain circlin', but someday I'll get to Austin, because that's where they keep the music. You're fortunate to have it surrounding you and we are fortunate that you share it so generously.

Are you gonna see Obama?

Blueberry said...

It's tempting to go see him. It's in the middle of the day and I could probably go but I should be working instead :::feeling a lot of workaholic guilt lately:::

Always good music here, every day, nights too! :-)