Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cheney's Toy

The pic is mine, and it's hard to resist adding a filter or two. James McMurtry's got a new record coming soon, and on Feb. 4-5 (Mon-Tues) you can download FREE his new political song, Cheney's Toy (listen to it right now on his MySpace). McMurtry doesn't mince words in this little parting gift for this damned administration, and Our Emperor-in-Chief deserves all that and much more.

There's a link on that page for reading his blog, but I think it requires a login, so I will post the highlights here, including the lyrics and info on making your own video for Cheney's Toy.


In preparation for new album Just Us Kids


"Cheney's Toy" available in time for Super Tuesday as free mp3 download via eMusic exclusive on Monday February 4

AUSTIN, Texas – Singer/songwriter James McMurtry is once again making a political statement through his music. On his new song "Cheney's Toy", McMurtry picks up where he left off with his controversial anthem "We Can't Make it Here." "Cheney's Toy" reminds us that the war in Iraq is still going on — with veiled references to Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and the stark image of a soldier who returned from the conflict, blind and brain damaged.

In order to make sure people get the message, McMurtry is giving away the song for free on February 4 exclusively through eMusic's Daily Download. On the Super Tuesday primary day (February 5) fans will be able to download the mp3 from McMurtry's MySpace page and Lightning Rod Records' website (links below).

McMurtry and Lightning Rod Records are encouraging fans to use the free mp3 to create their own videos and post them online. McMurtry will choose the best videos and post them on his official MySpace page and website. If needed, fans can create videos using slideshow applications at Creators of each of the top five video creators will receive t-shirts and autographed copies of McMurtry's new album, Just Us Kids (in stores April 15, 2008). McMurtry's choice for the best overall video will also receive an 8 Gb Apple iPod nano with video capabilities. Fans can send links to their videos to

"We Can't Make it Here" reverberated wildly across the internet and the airwaves, igniting a grassroots firestorm that has brought legions of new fans to the singer/songwriter's work. Fan-made videos of "We Can't Make It Here" have been viewed more than 170,000 times on YouTube.

"Cheney's Toy" at eMusic:

James McMurtry's MySpace page:

RockYou slideshow application:

James McMurtry's YouTube page:

Lightning Rod Records mp3 link:

"Cheney's Toy"
Words and Music by James McMurtry

Another unknown soldier
Another lesson learned
Kick the gas can over
Strike a match get back and watch that sucker burn

Keep smiling for the camera
Keep waving to the crowd
Don't let up for an instant
Stay the course and make your mama proud

You're the man
Show'em what you're made of
You're no longer daddy's boy
You're the man
That they're all afraid of
But you're only Cheney's toy

Another unknown soldier
Who's seen it all before
All in the name of Jesus
Behind the razor wire and shackled to the floor

Just keep smiling at the cameras
And keep that twinkle in your eye
We don't need to know the answers
Long as we're safe, just hit your marks and say your lines

You're the man
Show 'em what you're made of
You're no longer daddy's boy
Take a stand
Give 'em what they paid for
'Cause you're only Cheney's toy

They'll take a fork and turn you over
While the fat lady sings
One more pin on one more shoulder
Is all the future brings
For another unknown soldier
Who don't know his own name
And he won't get any older
And he can't see for the shrapnel in his brain
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Th' Rev said...

Cool!I've been a fan of his music since Too long in the wasteland...
Nice to see he continues to make powerful music...childish things was great,I'll be getting the new one.You know,we've never seen him live...might have to do something about that.

Mando Mama said...

Whew. Dag, bubba, nothing like telling it like it is.

On the way to work this a.m. there was a story on NPR featuring a young vet who, when he first returned from the Middle East, couldn't even be in the room with his infant son in the event the baby cried. It would set off flashbacks. Where was Chain-y then?

They're all jerks. They'll never be more than jerks.

Blueberry said...

rev: We get out and see him when we can, but it's been awhile. We can't exactly fit those late night shows at the Continental Club into our weekday schedule.

MM: Will this election EVER get here?

Blueberry said...

Ooh! I just noticed that McMurtry has a show at 8pm at Momo's Saturday night. Sounds possible...

steve said...

I been a fan since "too long" as well...Stole his line for my site...I am Bulletholes in the Mailbox...

Jeez, he's good.