Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"I" Day

[LINK] Finally a holiday for people like me, Introverts. We are a misunderstood bunch. The article at the link makes a lot of good points. It was written by Diane Cameron, and truth be told, she just made it up but I hope it catches on. She writes:
Ahh, Jan. 2. The day that introverts get to breathe a sigh of relief. We can come out of hiding; it's safe to answer the phone, and to stop pretending we're under the weather. Hip Hip Hooray! The holidays are over.

Yes, from mid-December through New Year's Day, those of us with an introverted nature live in a state of perpetual dread. The weeks of office parties, neighborhood potlucks, and open houses drain all our energy. But today we can relax; we made it through.

I'm an INTP (and yes, I did notice the name of the guy who wrote the at the link), and really a very strong type. Here's another INTP page. What's your type? Any more INTPs? I always have to belong to whatever group has the smallest number of members. Typical. I seem to live on the flatter ends of the bell curve.

Here's another good article on Introverts vs. Extroverts, especially during the holiday season. Tomorrow my day job kicks back in, after a couple of weeks ago when I was dreading that holiday luncheon so bad that I actually got sick and left an hour before it started. Urgh. Not going to win that "Little Miss Perky" prize, am I?


Nava said...

Hmm, I'm an ESFJ (1% Extraverted, 1% Sensing, 62%Feeling and 11% Judging).

No major surprise here...

emeraldeyes said...

I'm INFJ or ISFJ (equal scores on intuition and sensing, probably why I can never make up my mind), not that I needed at test to tell me that I'm strongly introverted. That, along with my ambivalence around participating in Christmas, does make for an uncomfortable December.