Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday as it should be

Saturday was the first warm day of the year, with temps pushing 80 (the weather chart says it got close to 80 around midnight and has cooled down today, Sunday), but it was a beautiful day but with a breeze strong enough to blow your hat off. We went over to DaVine Foods for lunch, located in Enchanted Forest. I have blogged this place before. It's located in an artist workshop and is a very funky little kitchen located in a little trailer, with tables all outdoors. It's not only all veggie, but organic and wheat-free (which is good for MrB, who is allergic to wheat). Pizza!! MMMMM! The car at the top was by our table, and looks like a dream car for me. First of all, I always wanted a golf cart, and second, it's off-the-scale cute. Even pulls a little wagon! I know it's not that practical for the highway and such. You'd get bumped off by a big truck or a strong breeze or you'd just fall out of it taking a turn, plus it's not that speedy... but it would be cool just to take down to the grocery store.

After taking a breather on the live entertainment front, we are getting back out there again on a more limited basis, about once a week. Here is a video I shot of the South Austin Jug Band last night at Momo's. They put on a fantastic show. This is a hot swing jazz version of that old 1920s Gershwin tune, Lady Be Good featuring two of the best fiddlers in Texas (ain't no joke), Dennis Ludiker and Brian Beken. My videography skills are horrendous, and the frame rate on the conversion makes it look as jumpy as the music demands -- so please pardon that and just listen. :-)

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Neil Shakespeare said...

That cart is too cool for school. Love your video. You folks lead such an interesting life. I might lead an interesting life too if I got out more. Then again, we don't have all that much interesting stuff around here to go out for. Best,...Neil

Nava said...

It's too cold here to go anywhere. And it's too cold to stay at home, as our furnace is dead. Sunny California, they say???